Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Books of 2015 vol. 1

The Broke and Bookish have chosen this week to focus on the top reads of 2015 so far.  I am slightly disturbed to realise that we are already half way through the year but thought that this was an excellent opportunity to look back on the books I have loved so far.  To get this down to a manageable number, I am excluding non-fiction (which is difficult, I've read some great books already) and also the re-reads such as Wuthering Heights and To Kill A Mockingbird - that still means that this has been a tough list to draw up.  But here goes:

Quote of the Week

Saturday Poem - Don't Put Mustard In The Custard

I really like Michael Rosen - I read Alphabetical last year and loved it, plus I'm a regular Twitter follower.  This is the poem that first made me a fan though - as a child, I thought it incredibly witty and when I re-read it to my class back when I was a teacher, they thought so too.  I think it sums up that  feeling of disbelief you get as a child about some of the ridiculous instructions adults can give.

Don't Put Mustard In The Custard

Don't do,
Don't do,
Don't do that.
Don't pull faces,
Don't tease the cat.

Don't pick your ears,
Don't be rude at school.
Who do they think I am?

Some kind of fool?

One day
they'll say
Don't put toffee in my coffee
don't pour gravy on the baby
don't put beer in his ear
don't stick your toes up his nose.

Don't put confetti on the spaghetti
and don't squash peas on your knees.

Don't put ants in your pants
don't put mustard in the custard
don't chuck jelly at the telly
and don't throw fruit at the computer
don't throw fruit at the computer.

Don't what?
Don't throw fruit at the computer.
Don't what?
Don't throw fruit at the computer.
Who do they think I am?

Some kind of fool?

Michael Rosen

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Review: Don't Point That Thing At Me, Kyril Bonfiglioli

This book is very odd.  For one thing, it was first published in 1973 but really seemed to have been forgotten until it suddenly regained literary momentum in the last year or so.  Then there's the protagonist, Charlie Mortdecai and his taciturn but highly deadly manservant, Jock.  I looked it up afterwards and my suspicions were confirmed - this does have its roots as a pastiche of Jeeves and Wooster.  It was hard to tell whether this was a thriller, a comedy or just social satire.  Either way it was terrific fun but definitely in the mold of style over plot.

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten Top Ten Tuesdays

I am having a week off from blogging but yet when I saw this topic on The Broke and Bookish, I just couldn't resist.  I have really enjoyed coming up with my Top Tens over the past eighteen months - sometimes I follow those laid down by the B&B but just as often, I have come up with my own.  It's been really fun to list up and remember books read long ago as well as those which are newly discovered.  It's also an excellent way to network the blog and discover other people's favourites.  So, out of all of the Top Tens I have written so far, these have been the ones I enjoyed the most:

Quote of the Week

I have to admit, I can find John Green slightly cheesy but with this quote, he really captures the truth of something.

Girl with her Head in a Book Heads North

Hello Everyone!

This is a very quick transmission to let you all know that I am taking a step back from the controls for the next week.  I'm on annual leave from work and going up to spend some time with friends and have decided to leave the laptop behind.  Plus, I think it will be nice to just read some books rather than worrying about writing about them for a week or so.  

So - there are a couple of posts scheduled to go out but an advance warning that this will be a quiet week while I sleep, knit, read and talk non-stop to people I don't get to see as often as I would like.


Girl with her Head in a Book